Introducing Ashley Mannix

This week we're delighted to welcome Ashley Mannix to the Datalust team! Ashley brings a wealth of engineering talent and valuable insight, at a time when »

Collecting Serilog Events

An updated guide to Serilog.Sinks.Seq The workhorse Serilog.Sinks.Seq package has a history going right back to the very first production Serilog versions. »

Latest-value charts in Seq 4.1

The Seq dashboard is generally used for charting values over time. There are a few monitoring scenarios, though, in which a single value of some measurement »

Seq 4.1 is ready to roll!

Since Seq 4 first shipped in May, we’ve been hard at work on Seq 4.1, which contributes to all-round performance and polish, and further »

Structured Logging comes to NLog

NLog 4.5 (now in alpha status) makes it significantly easier to filter, correlate, and analyze large volumes of log data from complex, asynchronous and distributed »

Seq 3.4 Release Notes

Seq 3.4 is ready to download! This release makes a number of user interface enhancements, fixes bugs, and has improved support for Active Directory including »

Seq 3.3 is here!

We're delighted to announce the release of Seq 3.3, a major milestone for Seq that raises the bar for usability and convenience. Front and center »